Gift Painting

I am Sindhu Govind and all the paintings featured on this website were hand crafted by me. I was born & nurtured in an artistic environment, which encouraged me to develop interest for paintings at a very early age. I am really greatful to my parents who nurtured my talent, encouraged me to participate in various competitions at school and college level. I have always been fascinated by intricate, detail work, hence my interest in Indian paintings! The greatness of India is such that, each state has its own style of painting - Tanjore painting from Tamilnadu, Kerala Mural aka Chuvarchitiram from Kerala, Patachitra from Orissa, Phad paitings from Rajasthan and so on.

I am greatful to all my Gurus for imparting me their knowledge and whatever little I have done so far is all because of their blessings.

I pursue painting commercially and have excuted orders for individuals and corporate houses both in India and abroad. I conduct training classes for all the art forms featured on the site. These paintings can be an ideal gift for House-warming ceremonies, Marriages and Wedding Anniversaires. It is also used as interior decoration in houses and commercial establishments. I strongly believe that art has no boundaries and wish to create a global awareness and appreciation for these Art forms, which are one amongst the several invaluable possessions of Indian culture.